Better future, better off

In a world where we are all connected in some way, our future lies in how we collectively respond to the challenges we face. We all have a role to play. Understanding where we can each make the biggest difference is the key to success.

At Scotiabank, we believe that every customer has the right to become better off. This core belief is how we strive to help our customers, employees, shareholders, and our planet – become better off.

We believe we can make progress in seven priority areas, – providing access to financing, enhancing financial knowledge, ensuring diversity and inclusion, investing in young people, providing responsible financing, addressing climate change and maintaining trust.

By improving the well-being of the communities where we live and work we are fostering long term success for our customers and our business

Better Future Better Off – Film

Exploring Anthropocene

The Anthropocene exhibition, presented by Scotia Wealth Management, documents how humans have changed the face of the planet. Viewers will be immersed through a powerful series of new photographs, including large-scale murals augmented by film extensions, film installations and augmented reality installations.

Exploring Anthropocene

Scotiabank Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsible Financing

Businesses have an opportunity to help create a better future. We make investments in sustainable solutions and lend in a way that mitigates social and environmental risk. Addressing the environmental issues that face our future will require financial resources. As a bank, our financial resources and expertise position us to help create a better future through responsible financing.

Access to Finance

Enabling customers to become better off means equipping them with the tools to succeed. We work to increase the ability of individuals and enterprises to access essential financial services.

Financial Knowledge

When our customers know how to make better financial decisions, they can become better off. We educate our customers by providing them with an understanding of how they can plan for a better future and by offering fairly designed products and services.

Diversity and Inclusion

A diverse, inclusive environment allows customers and employees to reach their fullest potential. We strive to respect and appreciate all individuals and to embrace both our differences and similarities — regardless of ethnicity, gender, ability or sexual orientation.

Investing in Young People

An investment in young people is an investment in a better future. By making strategic investments in the health and well-being and education of young people, Scotiabank helps position the youth of today to become the community leaders of tomorrow.

Climate Change

A better future needs a healthy planet. By setting emission reduction targets and taking action to meet them, we seek to reduce our impact on climate change. As climate change is a complex, global issue, building resilience to its negative effects requires cooperative effort. Individuals, businesses and governments all must do their part to combat climate change.

Maintaining Trust

Our Bank relies on our stakeholders. To ensure we maintain their trust, we strive to enhance customer protection, lend fairly, balance stakeholder interests and operate our bank with integrity. As a public and global business, we have a responsibility to protect the trust of over 23 million customers around the world.

Scotiabank Corporate Social Responsibility