Do Business like a Canadian

Canadian Business for Social Responsibility is excited to launch the “Do Business Like A Canadian” campaign in January 2019. This is a multi-faceted national campaign centred around a new set of key Canadian business values in partnership with The Globe and Mail and other amazing Canadian leaders.

This campaign is important because Canada runs the risk of being left behind due to disruptive new technologies, changing consumer values and political divisions. Canadian businesses must actively seek out new ways to develop a competitive advantage that secures access to new markets, top talent and major investments while contributing to the global agenda of decoupling economic growth from environmental harm and ensuring no is left behind.

You will have an opportunity to pledge to a new set of Canadian business values, which include collaboration, inclusion, gender balance and environmental consciousness, and receive invitations to exclusive events taking place in four different cities.

Doing business responsibly can be a competitive advantage for Canadian companies, but it involves overcoming some tremendous challenges. The question to ask is not whether we know enough or have enough influence to overcome our greatest barriers but, rather, whether we are good enough.

Do Business Like a Canadian

Canada is known around the world as a fair-minded middle power with good governance. Applying this approach to business is a natural next step. By promoting a national set of Canadian business values and creating a new platform for public engagement, we can penetrate the mainstream discourse and position a values-driven, sustainable and inclusive economic development strategy as a competitive advantage and simply the modern way Canadian business is done.

Canadian Business for Social Responsibility